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We provide the training of The Care Certificate skill for care

Complete your training in your own time and convenience

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Care Champions, we are a Domiciliary Care Facility which facilitates for home care and care training. Our mandatory training for the care sector includes The Care Certificate, Infection Control, Administration of Medication, Safeguarding, and many more. Our more clinical and specialist health and social care training courses include Catheterisation Care, Physical Intervention, Blood Transfusions, and Sharps and Needles, to name a few.

The Care Certificate:

We aim to ensure a full pass rate and a better understanding of the requirements of what is needed in each module. We even offer multi language courses to help and assist those who do not have English as there first Language*. Our pass rate is exceptional and we also work in conjunction with other care facilities to train their staff , to have them fully qualified before they start their journey into Personal care.
We have been in Care for over 4 years now and have been training carers from all aspects. We specialise with online training and many courses which are best suited in the industry and authenticated and recognised with CQC.
As you embark on this Journey with us be assured you are about learn the best way to care and understand what each at every course has entitled for you.

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